Correct Your Neck

Two of the most common reasons for neck pain are bad posture and a weak core.

This program is right for you, if...

  • Your neck often hurts when you do sit-ups or crunches.
  • You have Forward Head Posture.
  • Your neck hurts after a long day at the desk or driving.
  • You lift something heavy from a weird angle.
  • You get a headache or a migraine when doing Pilates, yoga or any other workout.
  • Your neck is stiff and hurts all the time when you look from side to side.

What's Inside

  • Ten video tutorials will explain each of the exercises thoroughly and in detail and how to hold and protect your neck during each exercise.
  • You will learn how to do each exercise correctly, with perfect alignment.
  • The most common mistake that almost everyone makes that always hurts your neck and the incredibly easy way to fix it.
  • A handout with the routine that you can print out or look at on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This way you won’t need an internet connection to remember the exercises.
  • The best part: you'll have access to this program forever. Whenever your neck hurts, log in and after doing a few of the exercises, you'll feel better.

The Exercises

  • One tutorial for a basic abdominal exercise with detailed explanation on how to support the neck and where to hold your head.
  • Two more abdominal strengthening exercises with three options for head and neck placement, as well as for different levels.
  • An alignment exercise which will strengthen the right neck muscles.
  • One exercise to strengthen the upper back which is important to bring your head back into correct alignment.
  • One seated exercise that you can do in any chair, even in the car. It strengthens the upper back and repositions the head and cervical spine.
  • Stretches for all muscles around the neck.
  • An exercise that will free your upper spine, giving the nerves running up into your head more room and hence less reason to be angry with you.
  • An exercise to correct everyday posture.

Why It Works

I have tested this program with many clients in my studio. The chosen exercise work. They strengthen what's weak and lengthen what's tight.

Through this program, you will also get to know your body a bit better. It teaches you to pay attention to your posture so you won't cause your neck to get tight in the first place.

Whether your neck hurts because you have a weak core, or because of poor posture, this routine is for you. It’s gentle (to your neck), and powerful (to your core) at the same time. Yes, both is possible. You just have to know when and what to work hard, and when to relax.