Get Back To Push-Ups

Returning to Push-ups after a shoulder or back injury can be a daunting task.

Push-ups aren’t easy. Well, they used to be, but with a weakened body it feels like you have to start all over again. How’s that fun?!

The shoulder is the most complicated movement related mechanism in the body. It’s not just one joint; it’s 4 joints that have to work together perfectly. Smooth gliding of joint surfaces keeps them happy and healthy.

Whether it’s your spine, your shoulders, your neck, your wrists or any other part of you that keeps you away from the Push-up, this program takes all of these possibly weak points into consideration and helps you work though it. I’ll teach you not just how to avoid certain movements that hurt, but how to actually make them stronger and recover fully.


What You’ll Get

  • 14 exercises with detailed instructions and tips for making them easier or harder, as well as keeping you safe.
  • 3 exercises that teach you how correctly stabilize your shoulder girdle.
  • 2 stretches for tight wrists and 3 movement options for weak wrists in the Push-up.
  • 2 core strengthening exercises - because if the core is not working, nothing’s working.
  • 4 different versions of the Push-up itself building from easy to more and more difficult - pick the one that’s right for you right now.
  • Suggestions for props that you can use to make Push-ups easier which will help you build strength safely. These are optional and not required for the program.
  • Two rarely mentioned Push-up technique secrets that make a world of difference in keeping your body healthy.

How I Know That It Works

I have tested this program with many clients at my studio. The chosen exercises work. They strengthen what's weak and lengthen what's tight.

Through this program, you will also get to know your body a bit better. It teaches you to pay attention to your posture so you won't cause any further injuries in the future that might slow you down.

Get back to push-ups now and
Make Life Move Better