When Screwing Up is a Great Idea

training strategy Dec 05, 2015

I bet you have worked out to a workout video before. Of you have gone to a group exercise class. You might have even done a lot of that. You put in all these hours of hard work, but for some reason your back is still bothering you. Or your neck actually got worse and felt tighter after a few of those classes. The instructors in these exercise videos and classes always have perfect form. Of course they do, because they want to show you how to do it right. And because they can. Their bodies allow them to do all kinds of crazy moves and contortions.

The problem with that perfect form is that most of us - not being a fitness professional after all - don't notice that you're making a mistake unless you learn the difference between doing it the right and the wrong way.

You assume that you perform the movement exactly like the person in the video. That’s because you don’t see yourself while moving and you’re not being told what to look for.

The trick is, you have to train your eye to notice the difference and to feel the difference in your body. And you need someone who can help you learn that. For example:

• When doing crunches/sit ups, are you tucking your tailbone? Not sure? Well, try it out. Come on, right now! This tip will only help, if you’re willing to try it after all. I'll wait. Okay. And? Did you curl your tailbone up while your chest was lifting? I bet you were. Okay, great! Now that you know that, try NOT to tuck your pelvis.

It's very easy for us to control something when we see it. That's why this exercise is a bit tricky to control. You can't see your tailbone in this position. But you can see your pubic bone. (It's right across your tailbone, at the top. When the tailbone lifts, the pubic bone lifts, too).

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