The Importance of Stretching Your Hamstrings From All Directions

lower body Apr 09, 2016

Our muscles are not just running in a vertical line up and down the body. Some of them run across, diagonally, or they wrap around a joint, creating the option for rotation in that joint or stabilizing the joint during movement (by pulling in the opposite direction).

It's incredibly important to move our limbs and torso on a variety of angles and vectors. If we stretch in the same direction every single time, we only create mobility on this tiny range (like a landing strip), but to the right and left of that angle, we're still tight. That's how it can happen that we spend hours and weeks on stretching an area, and it's still tight. We don't seem to make the progress we had hoped.


  • Turn the leg (not just the toes) outward.
  • Turn the leg (not just the toes) inward. We have less range in this direction.
  • Watch your pelvis and make sure you're not rotating in the pelvis when your leg is rotating.


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