The Importance of Different Angles


Have you ever been frustrated that you spend significant time stretching, but you're still tight? I’m pretty sure anyone who lives an active life, has experienced something like this before.


For some of you, that area of tightness gets worse and worse. If you, for example, spend much of your time sitting, hiking, horseback riding and/or driving, then your hips spend most of their time in flexion (bent at around 90 degrees from the torso). You're not spending much time balancing out this hip flexion with hip extension (reaching the leg behind you) or at least a neutral position of the hip (when standing). In this case, your hip flexor muscles will get tighter and tighter. It's the accumulative effect of spending many hours in the same position.


On the other hand, maybe you consciously stretch your legs after a long day of work at the desk or a long endurance run. But even though you stretch regularly, it doesn't seem to get better. At least it's not getting worse, but you don't feel like you're actually gaining any more flexibility. You're able to maintain your current level of flexibility, but you want more.


The reason for this might be that you're always stretching your hamstrings, calves, thighs etc. from the same angle, or in the exact same position.  Just like in other areas of life, variety is the spice of life.


I bet you have your favorite stretch, right? It might be the one you learned in your yoga class. You have even noticed a significant improvement in the stretch. You can now lower your elbows way down to the ground in the runner's lunge.



But when you run, you still feel like your back is arched and after a few miles, it starts hurting again. Why is the stretching not working?


This video might show you the solution your body has been waiting for. Take a look and use the comment section below to ask any further questions.


 Remember: you are unique, and your workout should be, too.


Make life move better,


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