Shoulder Strength and Confidence in One Quick Exercise

posture upper body Jan 30, 2016

I love quick exercises that don’t require me to change into workout clothes or require a warm up of 20 minutes on the treadmill.

This is one of those exercises, that you can do anytime anywhere.  It will improve your posture, open your chest and strengthen your rotator cuff, which is incredibly important for shoulder stability. 

What do I need shoulder stability for, you ask? If you’re doing push-ups, lift heavy things, throw balls or dinner plates, clean your floors excessively, shovel snow seasonally or practice your hand stand you're going to want more stability in your shoulder joint.

Shoulder stability can be extremely effective in improving posture.  When we improve our posture, stand tall with an open chest, we appear more confident, and in charge. If we change our physiology, our psychology will adapt to that. It’s sort of the “Fake it till you make it” principle. Our mind influences our body and our body influences our mind.

So grab your thera band, and let’s go.


 Make life move better,

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