Sensation is Information

training strategy Apr 09, 2016

Our bodies work in mysterious ways. 

Even though our bodies were created from the same blueprint (human), the way we have moved over the course of our life so far, has developed our muscles in a certain way.

I've recently had an episode of pelvic misalignment and had some pain in my left buttock. To avoid the discomfort, I started changing my movement slightly. Instead of bending straight forward, I began bending on a slight angle to the right, because it took the weight off of the painful left hip. All in all, I think I felt the hip for about a month or two. Now that I'm feeling better, I noticed I'm still bending on that unusual angle to the right. The compensation has become a habit. 

This is just one example, but this happens all the time to all of us without being aware of it. 

Fast forward ten years, and I have a completely different body than any other person.

Even if there is no pain involved, we find our own way to do things. Muscles can rotate and turn the limbs into different directions that's almost not noticeable. 

Have you ever googled "an exercise to stretch my hamstrings" or "an exercise to strengthen my abdominals"? Even though the exercise you found CAN work those muscles, it doesn't mean your body knows how to use those muscles. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an exercise that will strengthen a certain body part. In truth, I bet you'll figure out a way NOT to use the muscles you meant to target. 

The body is always looking for the path of least resistance. It's how we save energy - short term. Often at the expense of the long-term benefit.

  • Don't censor any sensation you perceive.
  • Don't judge any of the sensations you notice "My back is just bothering me a bit. It's no big deal."  or "I feel my legs burning. I'm so weak."
  • Try to see everything as objectively as you can. 
  • Get as much detailed information as you can about your body and the exercise you're working on and use your intelligence to put them together.


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