Process Over Perfection

musings Feb 18, 2018

I've heard this quote many many times before. I even use this phrase myself over and over again in my Pilates teaching. I tell my students not to get too caught up in the end product (to perform the exercise perfectly). All that matters is they do it a little bit better than the day before. Sometimes, improvement is out of reach. Then we have to be content with doing the exercise just as well as the day before and maybe we can improve it the following day.

I've had this thought of spending a good time of my life writing for at least 10 years now. The funny thing is, I consider myself a terrible writer. There is just so much I want to say. I ask you please to listen to what I'm trying to say, not how. Thank you.

I've read many blog posts about writing blogs. I'm a diligent student and I wanted to do it right. I was looking for a niche and I found one. But I'm not just a Pilates instructor. There's much more to me than teaching exercises and knowing anatomy.

The past year and a half have been challenging to say the least. There have also been wonderful moments, phases of intense learning, humbling experiences. I've been discontent, overworked, and stressed out. All this has brought me to the point where I'm now rethinking everything I do, think, and say.

This book has made a huge impression on me, and it started the desire for less external stuff and more internal meaning. This podcast and blog have helped me explore the subject of minimalism more deeply.

Finally this afternoon it struck me: I've been waiting to write a (potentially but at the moment unrealistically daily) blog because I want to have all the answers. How can I write about a subject that I'm not an expert in?  In the field of Pilates I'm an expert, that's why it's easier for me to give myself permission to write about it. I can't just write a blog about me and my thoughts. Or can I? Can I write a blog post about Pilates one week, a post about partners and dating next week,  after that one about my screwed up relationship with my parents?

The point of my blog will be to open up about the process of NOT knowing, not having any answers; having even more questions; having the same realization over and over again, until it maybe one day sinks in and becomes my new default. I'd love to have you come along for the ride. Share your thoughts and realizations.

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