Keep or Let Go: Naturalizer Winter Boots

minimalism traveling Dec 12, 2018

Deciding what to keep and what to let go of  has been much harder than I had anticipated.

Tossing/donating the first “batch” of useless stuff was easy. It was obvious which items  no longer had any benefit in my life.

Now that I’m starting to pack the smallest bag possible for the work week I feel I’m just unloading the car and then reloading it with the same stuff again.

Yesterday morning I actually repacked my suitcase because what I had originally planned just didn’t make sense.

I will dedicate the next few blog posts to helping me (and maybe you) decide which items to keep and which to get rid of and why. When I say get rid of I have to admit that I might not actually toss most of these things, at least not right away. It's much easier to put them away in a box and then if I haven't used them in 6-months or a year, I’ll feel less attached and parting with them will be much easier.

Okay, on to today's item: a pair of Naturalizer Winter Boots.


These are very comfortable and very warm. That’s why I bought them.

But turns out wearing them all day in the car, while sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant, my feet start to sweat and then they get cold because they don't have a chance to dry out.

That means they don't make it onto my Essentials list.

In their defense, they would be fabulous for long winter walks on a dry road. But I’m not doing that on a regular basis, and honestly any boots will be okay for that, as long as they are warm and insulated.

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