How To Keep Your Rotator Cuff Healthy During Push-Ups

upper body Jan 09, 2016

Push-ups are one of the most common exercises out there. Almost every form of exercise includes some form of push-up, whether that’s yoga, Pilates, boot camp or personal training and strength conditioning. What’s great about them, is that they can easily be done at home without any equipment. What’s not so good is that most people don’t have enough strength in their shoulders, especially their rotator cuff, to do Push-ups correctly. Unknowingly you might be hurting your shoulder, while trying to get stronger. Bummer.

I explain the narrow version of the push up, because it is the better way to strengthen the shoulder stability than the wide Push-up. Additionally, you’ll improve your posture with this version.

On its face, the Narrow Push-Up is pretty simple and straight forward, but as you watch the video, you can see what fixes might be necessary, and what you should keep your eye on. This exercise is all about form, and not just churning out 25 reps.


All right, now it’s your turn. I’ll wait.

Did you try a few reps yet? Did you notice that your elbows are trying to flail out to your side? If they are, slow down the movement and focus all your attention to the direction of the elbows. Make sure they go straight back and towards the waist. You don’t need to do a ton of repetitions. Instead try going very slowly. The resistance will come by trying to fight gravity.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions or concerns. Maybe your weakness is not the elbows or shoulders, but somewhere else. Let me know and I can help you make the necessary adjustments!

Enjoy your day everyone!

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