How to Correct Forwardly Rounded Shoulders

posture upper body Dec 05, 2015

Posture is at the top of the list of most people. We know how important it is to keep our alignment correct throughout the day, so we don’t start feeling achy and painful. Due to many hours sitting at the office, surfing the web, or checking our cell phone - our body develops in a certain way. Rolling the shoulder forward will over time weaken the muscles in the backside of your shoulders and arms.

I’m bringing you a quick and fabulous exercise to correct your shoulders from a hunched forward rounded position to a nice wide open smile across the front of the chest!

Not only will your back and neck feel better, you will have a magnetic and attractive appearance. You will come across open-minded and outgoing, friendly and supportive. Maybe, just maybe, your new posture will also influence your mood in return. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?!



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