Hip Flexor Stretch with the Foam Roller

lower body Jan 23, 2016

Hip flexors can often be an after thought in anybody’s normal stretch routine, but it’s actually one of the most important! Hip flexors have a critical role in controlling the stability and flexibility of your lower body. Tight hip flexors can lead to knee and ankle issues, as well as lower back pain. Keeping your hip flexors loose with stretches like the one below can loosen up restrictions and keep you feeling healthy - whether training for a 5k run or sitting at the office and being pain free!


  1. Lay down and slide the foam roller beneath your pelvis.
  2. Draw one knee slightly toward your chest while reaching the other leg forward.
  3. Once in position, try to lean more of your body weight onto that side. You might be able to get deeper.
  4. Slowly roll a bit up and down your buttocks, until you find your sweet spot. Experiment with shifting your body weight slightly back and forth until you have hit your target.
  5. For a more intense stretch, try flexing the foot of the long leg so you’re reaching with your heel instead of your toes. Try also to turn the toes a bit inward, so that your thigh muscle is pointing directly up towards the ceiling instead of to the side.
  6. You can also pull the bent knee out towards the shoulder, this might bring even flexible people a nice stretch.
  7. Breathe & hold the stretch.

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