Finding Joy in the Process

training strategy Apr 24, 2016

In a recent conversation with a student, I was once again made aware of doubts that can creep up for some of you. Have you ever wondered: "Will I ever get my body to do what I want? Will this method help me? Will it be worth it? I don't think I can do it."

Do you remember when you first learned to drive a car? I sure do. Do you remember how intimidating it felt? I had to remember a million things. Gas, break, clutch, which is which? And who's paying attention to traffic? Thank goodness, there was someone in the passenger seat, telling me every second of the way exactly what to do next.

It didn't feel great, did it? It took some time to learn.

But I didn't just throw in the towel after the first lesson, even though I felt terrible about myself. I had faith in the process. After all, EVERYONE drives, so I can learn it, too. The prospect of having the freedom to drive myself wherever I wanted to go, was enough motivation to keep me going.

Today, of course, I drive my car instinctively. The process has become second nature. I can drink coffee, and sing along to my favorite songs - all at the same time while still paying attention to traffic.

This was not a gift I had as a teenager. For anything we do, there is a process in learning how to do things correctly and efficiently. From driving a car to baking a cake - we learn as we go until it becomes instinctive. How many cakes have you tossed out in your lifetime because they didn't come out as expected? I sure threw out my fair share during my college years (and after).

Correct, efficient movement is no different. You have to train your muscles to work like you want them to. When you begin, your muscles are awakened to a whole new world! They are saying, "You want me to do WHAT?" After steady practice, they begin to work instinctively - as if you have been working them for years!

When your teacher corrects you, or you feel you didn't get the exercise quite right, that's not a reason to despair. So what? You'll get it right the next time, or the time after that.

When you're cooking or baking, do you enjoy the process of it? I can imagine if you're only interested in eating the cake, you might just go out and buy one, right? The purpose of doing it yourself is to enjoy the process.

I encourage you to try to find joy in the process of learning these exercises, of getting to know your body and your movement better. Be curious, not judgemental about yourself.

You are worth the time that it will take you to become a healthier person. If you believe in yourself and give yourself enough time to work on muscle memory, then you will begin to feel like a champion!

Make life move better,

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