5 Common Mistakes When Doing A Hamstring Stretch With A Strap

lower body Apr 02, 2016

I bet you’ve done this stretch before. It’s easy to do at home and can be very effective in loosening up your hamstrings and calves.  This stretch is something you can build upon, with noticeable results if you are consistent.  You can do this while watching TV, listening to music, or relaxing after a long day. 

Your hamstrings are a muscle group that begins at the sit bones, run past the knee and attaches to the lower leg. When we think hamstrings we often only think of the area behind the thigh.

Since the muscle group connects the pelvis to the lower leg (via the knee), the position of your pelvis and your whole leg has a huge influence on how (effectively) you're stretching the hamstrings.

Check out the video above for the five most common mistakes, and how to fix them.



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