Make Life Move Better

Be smarter about moving through life with less effort, and more ease, joy and strength.

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Posture & Movement Skills

How you hold yourself all day, everyday is how your body learns to stay. Learn the movement skills to choose and maintain a better posture and rid yourself of bad habits.

Smarter Not Harder

The constant mindset of, "More is better" will only lead to more of what ails us. If movement creates pain, then more of that movement will create more pain. The first step out of this cycle is changing the way you move to be more efficient. Our goal is to make our functional movement pain free.

Brain & Body In Perfect Union

Like software and hardware, your brain needs to understand how your body is moving and vice versa. Miscommunication leads to poor movement patterns and possibly injury.

Balance & Symmetry

Balance and symmetry is at the top of the list of importance when it comes to feeling great in your body when moving. Balance between your right and left, balance between your top and bottom and balance between the front and back of your body are all integral.

Alignment & Positioning

Joints are the places where bone and bone meet. This connection needs to be in the center of its designated space. If the joint is slightly off center, it starts to rub against tendons, ligaments, menisci or even bone. This leads to wear and tear. Learn to keep your joint congruent and aligned and each movement you do will be effortless and smooth.